How Are You Best To Create an Update *and* Insert Form in Wappler?

Hey everyone…

I’ve been grappling with this question for a while, and thought I’d run it by the community for ideas!

So let’s say we are working with a contact list. On the left of the screen we list the contacts we have, and the right side we have a form to edit contact details, something like this:

We have two functions to perform:

  • Edit an existing contact
  • Create a new contact

Both of which sensibly use the same form on the right hand side.

How is this best done in Wappler? This is the way I’ve been doing it but would love to hear if anyone else does it differently!


Here is the basic structure of the form:

<form id="f_contact" action="dmxConnect/api/update_contact.php">
   <input name="id" dmx-bind:value="" type="hidden">
   <input name="first_name" dmx-bind:value=""  type="text">
   <input name="notes" dmx-bind:value=""  is="dmx-summernote" type="text">

Server Actions

   if ($>0)


[Add New Contact]
dmx-on:click="contact.load({id:0}); f_contact.reset()"

(contact.load({id:0}) returns no result so is empty)

[Edit Existing Contact]

Are there other ways you do this or other details that you add?

You need a hidden input in your server connect form holding the record ID (required for updating a record).
Then you need ONE submit button which submits the form. It’s better than two buttons loading server actions on click …

Then in your server action you have your form inputs under $_POST so use condition -> $ -> then update step, else -> insert step.


My typical API Action is called ‘AddEdit…’ and looks like this:


You open a new universe to me!!
Thank you @sitestreet

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