How are changed and updated different

Simple question - I’m trying to understand the difference(s) between “changed” and “updated”. Seems like they are the same, struggling to understand which is best to choose and what difference it would make.

I can not change something w/o updating it and if I update something it will be changed - or is the difference I can update with the same data - like update 7 to 7? Then it would not be changed - I’m somewhat befuddled :thinking:


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The change is after the input value changed, the updated is a special App Connect event that fires after the bindings are updated. If you want to use the value of the input in an expression I would suggest to use the updated event, with the change event it is possible that the value still contains the old value.


Hi @patrick,
Can I just ask… If I have an input that has a dynamic value, but a user could also change the value, am I best using ‘updated’ or ‘changed’ or both events to trigger a flow/action?

Hi @patrick, @teodor, @george,
Can any of you help me with which event(s) to use?

Change is triggered on user action like when entering text in input. Same as the “change” html dom event.

Update and updated are app connect events triggered when the data changes - no matter how - so it can be when the bound data source changes or it gets reloaded with new data. So not necessary by the user.

Update is triggered before the data changes and updated, after the data changes.

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Thanks @george,

Sorry, I just want to check.
If, as per my example I have a user input that has a value that can be changed by server connect change or by user typing, update/updated will respond to both?


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:exploding_head: This part is really important... :exploding_head:

it is easy to think you can just swap from dmx-on:change to dmx-on:updated and everything will work okay, but due to the subtly of what George has written here, I've realised that when you make the swap you may end up with a trigger at an additional time that you need to take into account...

... so best to do some through testing when making this modification!

@george, what you have written here seems to say there are two events possible... dmx-on:update and dmx-on:updated... is this true?