Hide menubar on windows / unsightly titlebar


I have just started using Wappler on Windows, and it seems good so far. One annoying thing is the file/edit/view/help menubar at the top of the program. It appears to have very little functionality, and takes up valuable space - is there a way to hide it, and show only when eg. the ‘alt’ key is pressed (this is standard for many applications)?

Related, but slightly different - is it possible to make the titlebar match the theme of the Wappler UI? This is a common problem with a lot of windows programs, the very unsightly titlebars that look off compared with the main window and take up valuable real estate.

Many thanks!


You can press F11 to toggle full-screen. You will still have the title bar but it increases the application size by hiding the bottom taskbar.


The title bar disappears in full-screen mode (at least it does on my setup) but the menu bar remains - so this might address the second of Geoff’s issues. You do have some control over the colour of the title bar via settings, if you still need this option.

I think the ‘most standard’ effect of pressing the ‘alt’ key is to show which letters will enable shortcut access to menu items (something I miss when using a Mac).


I am aware of the full screen mode, perhaps I should have said in my original post. I was more wanting it for use with split-screen applications, where Wappler takes up only half of the screen - it isn’t possible to use full screen mode for that, so you end up with two redundant bars at the top of the window.


I like the idea of getting rid of the menu bar on Windows. It just doesn’t fit the styling and it isn’t used very often.

On the Mac it looks much better because it is hidden there as a global toolbar.

Any suggestions on how to replace it on Windows? Where should the functionality go?