Hide ID Field in Form Generator

Trying out Form Generator for updating a record in database.
I followed the DMXzone tutorial suggested in an another forum post and was able to get it working.
One issue I am facing is with the ID using which record is updated. It is shown in the UI as a textbox - the first track field in below screenshot.

How to remove it? Not just hide it with display:none as it still shows up in the source. I have a variable which is set on clicking edit button and then data is fetched, but I could not find any option to set that as the input parameter for the edit server connect action file’s POST or GET ID variable.

Hello @nshkrsh
in the form generator you need to set this to type: hidden.


Oh. Did not bother to click on the auto-generated fields in the form generator form. Understood now - the type of field needs to be set as hidden.

Is there any way to access the generator wizard again? Or will I have to delete and insert a new one (if, I don’t know how to make the changes directly in code)?

Select the generated form and click to run button :slight_smile:

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