Hidden Icons on smaller elements on right side

When you have a smaller element on the right hand side of your design the tool icons get hidden behind the properties panel. See screenshot. (Love the new icons and colouring though!)


Hi Brad,
Is this happening on specific screen sizes? Maybe when the size is that small that the button hits the edge of the screen?

Makes no difference what size view it is on … Even on mobile.


Thanks Brad,
We are going to check this :slight_smile:


Same here.
Something else: Is there a reason why you removed the select parent icon? I’ve made great use of this. It’s very handy because if you aren’t in the app structure, you don’t have to switch every time to select a parent which has the same size as the child.

Thanks for the comments, maybe @patrick can improve this.

It will be improved in the next update, was already working on it

This should be better handled now in version 1.5.2