Hi Wapplers

Making great progress creating Upload Single/Multiple Images even with a Dropzone. Wappler makes this super simple. Unfortunately I must have clicked on something by mistake because the Server Action Steps I created this AM have disappeared from the Wappler Action Steps Dialog. The weird part is the Image Upload feature still works and the Server Action File is still on the Local computer and Target Server. The other weird part is the Server Action Steps created yesterday are still displayed and appear to be editable.

We logged out of Wappler shut down and re-started the local computer with the same results. Please see the screen shots below. Your guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

Server Action Steps Missing but File Upload Still Works as Expected

Server Action File Listed on LOCAL Computer

Server Action File Listed on TARGET Server

upload_files_svr_acx File PG-01-of-02

upload_files_svr_acx File PG-02-of-02

Found Error Pointing to dmxConnectLib/lib/App.php on line 131

Can’t Imagine how this issue came about but looking forward to your guidance so I can prevent it from happening again. Thanks in Advance!

Sounds like your lcoal copy may be chnaged but yourn server copy has not been overwitten

  1. rename your local server action so it is not lost
  2. in the file manager, switch to target
  3. select the server action (will be in dmxConnect/api folder
  4. Select download

If that doesn’t work just delete or rename the file and rename the old action back original name

There is some issue with your server action, not sure how you managed to have paths starting with file:///C:/ … but you should not have any paths like that in your server actions.

Wow, I did exactly that unfortunately it did not work. So I deleted the server action and started over again and File Upload and Insert into Database works as expected. Wappler is amazing :clap:

I seem to keep losing connections with resources for some reason. Teodor mentioned a pathing issue on the local computer that I will look into. Thank You for your continued patience & expert advise. I can’t wait to give back to this community. LLW

Thx Teodor, Excellent suggestion and I will look into the pathing issue.