Hi-Res Image Search

For this showcase we used the API Data Source component, to create a photo search page with a masonry gallery using data from the Unsplash API. Also we added lightbox which shows the full-size images when you click on the thumbnails.

Check the showcase here

Learn how to use API Data Source


Nice. Now it just needs too infinitely lazy load all images in the search query as your scroll. :wink:

I thought infinity scroll is not trendy anymore :smile:

Well done @Teodor :ok_hand:t5:

Do you have data (pun intended) to support that finding. :laughing:

So how does someone searching but not finding an image they like, return a new query of 20 more unique alternatives without infinitely scrolling.


You could create a new input field to send ‘page’ as an additional parameter. You could add navigation buttons to increase/decrease the number and include information, eg:
{{api1.data.total}} images found. Showing page {{form1.pagenum.value}} of {{api1.data.total_pages}}