Hi, Question, I have bad luck, and happy to join you!

  • Hi:
    Hello everyone ,
    my name is Saud, just like my country name but without ’ i ’ letter
    i have some experience with python and Django , and i want to learn designing so i opened github and start searching ‘template tabs’ and i found
    this = ' https://github.com/framework7io/framework7-template-tabs ' AMAZING effects with SIMBALE design
    and this is how i found you guys.

  • Question:
    is this app compatible with Django like <?php?
    What are the existing courses that I start with, my experience is around 3% or little bit less :smile:

  • I have bad luck:
    I was going to buy a license to start learning and applying, but the monitor has broken today.

  • happy to join you:
    I was resentful having to learn front end and other skills, but this program would cut a lot of time
    I hope to add something new to you and offer you benefit and assistance.


Welcome Saud,

Nope. JS for the frontend and for the backend you have nodejs, php and asp.
That being said, if you want to reuse something in PY there is no reason why you can not write your own PY code, run it on a server and communicate with Wappler backend/frontend via API.

I hope you get it repaired or a new one soon so you can join us :slight_smile:

I am guessing you are a backend guy then.
My design skills have impressed a lot of people here so don’t hesitate to ask for help. Specially if it’s related to photoshop.

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