Heroku + Asset Storage

Hi All,

Decided to deploy to Heroku, I’ve noticed that the assets (such as images etc.) aren’t deploying from the Asset Manager when I view the live site.

I did some research and it looks like Heroku does not ‘store’ assets in this way, so then I’d need to setup AWS S3 or similar.

Has anyone done this, and if so - did you set it up yourself or did you use a Heroku marketplace app to manage it?

How will this storage issue work when the location of the assets we refer to in the Wappler builder might be stored locally, but then when deployed will point to an S3 file location?

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That’s it. Heroku doesn’t have persistent storage. You would probably benefit from using the Heroku’s S3 addon for that. I believe it has a free tier to test things.

Use relative paths to make things work in local and remote.

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