Help with Mass Geocode Workflow


I have a MSSQL table called Address that contains the following fields populated with address data.
addressid, address1, address2, address3, city, state, zip, country.

I have created a new table called AddressGeoCode thats contains the following
geocodeid, geoaddressid, lng, lat, isgeocoded

I then have a view zAddressToGeoode

FROM dbo.Address
WHERE (addressid NOT IN (SELECT geoaddressid FROM dbo.AddressGeoCode WHERE (isgeocoded IS NULL)))

This lists all addresses that have not been defined as geocoded

I have a Server Action that connects to the database and then queries the zAddressToGeoode view.
I have created a ServerConnect that returns a limited set of records.

Could someone help with the Wappler workflow so that I can capture the returned lng/lat, insert the values in the AddressGeoCode table along with the addressid and a success flag from a service such as{{myaddressdata}}

Many thanks in advance.



I think @Hyperbytes had a nice script about this, he did posted it here in the community forum a while ago


Hi @George
That was a php script. I am having to perform this in an IIS environment with .asp or .net and am not allowed to run php.

Doing it in pure Wappler would be ideal.



Pretty sure i have a google API based solution on my development machine . Hopefully it’s new motherboard will arrive today and i can get it back online and post it if that’s suitable.

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Great @Hyperbytes, that would be awesome!


Just realised you were referring to Photon in your post, (just skim read on phone)

I played with photon a while back but found it to returned too many wrong/ failed responses to be usable for my purposes and was forced to go back to google.
Guess you will need to test with photon to see how effective it is, principal is identical so an easy switch.


Hi @Hyperbytes, I am not tied to using Photon, Google api’s would still be great

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