Help Understanding Dynamic Data and Caching

I am trying to figure out how caching and dynamic data work and the best way to go about it.

I have a blog style website made in Wappler. I have one page for the blog posts that pulls the content for the page from the database matching a URL parameter.

As is, it has to pull the data every time the page is loaded.

Once the page/post is made the content will rarely/never change, so loading it every time seems like a waste since it will be the same.

Is it possible to just generate the page as a static page and have that be cached and displayed and only update it when the data changes?

I am using Cloudflare and was looking into Workers

but they do more than I want/need. The only dynamic part is loading the page content, the content itself will be the same regardless of who sees it.

Hoping some of you with more experience in this type of thing can share how you do it/would do it.

You can use Redis to cache your pages and data, see:

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