Help to achieve the following: convert each textarea line to a bullet, and storing the HTML in the DB securely

Hi all,

I’d like to achieve the following, for the purpose of each new line being stored as a bullet, and then when rendered again shown as a bullet.

On the front end:
As a user types in a textarea each line becomes a bullet point.

On form submit:
I want to store this textarea as HTML in the DB (so it’s easy to render again on the F/E) securely.
To achieve this securely I assume I need to somehow strip/clean whatever is generated by the textarea field, reprocess it and then store this in the db field.
I say securely as sending HTML to the DB could be a security issue with any smart hackers injecting bad html code.
The alternative is I don’t store it as HTML, but it’s stored in some format that I can then display as bullets on the F/E.

I’ve ‘loosely’ achieved this with a custom JS script, without the secure storage component. I’m wondering if anyone with more advanced knowledge of Wappler itself, could point me in the direction of how to accomplish this with pre-existing Wappler functionality, or if this will indeed need to be entirely custom.

I don’t want to use the summernote/medium components as I want to keep it simple and enforce bullets.

Thank you!