Help needed on a paged query

Hi all,
I would like to set up a page of products (over 8000 in total)
I would like to show it as a paged query of lets say 30 at a time.
However I would also like to put in a filter for main_cat & sub_cat so people can filter them down.

I have kind of got it working, however it only filters the 30 that are shown so not all records show.
Does anyone know the best way to filter it on a paged query ??

Hello @gunnery
When you filter your query, in the query builder hen the whole data will be filtered, not just the records on the page.

ok, so I may have to look at a different way than what I am doing, because it the moment I’m using a fuzzy search so that products show up when nothing is selected in the drop down.

Not sure I understand what exactly are you trying to achieve?
If you are using a paged query you should filter the query itself, in the query builder and not apply filters on the page (using a data view for example).

You can disable a filter condition within the query builder by making it conditional using this setting. Great for when parameters are not sent as the condition can be ignored


In my case the table wasn’t showing any records when I filtered it. Adding 0 to the server connect load for my select fixed the issue

<select id="select_category" class="form-control" dmx-bind:options="" optiontext="category" optionvalue="category_id"
dmx-on:changed="sc_paged_tripbits.load({category_id: value, offset: 0})">
<option selected="" value="">Category</option>

Great tip, Brian. I didn’t know that was there. Thanks.