Height of the flex container

In a Card Body I have a Flex Container populated with dynamic text
I would like the height of the container to remain the same when the text is null
What is the best solution with Wappler?

Can you provide a link to your page, as it’s clear to me what you are doing exactly? :slight_smile:

This image explains the problem
If the database field is empty, the red text does not appear and consequently the card is misaligned

But i need to see how is your page structured, i.e. inspect the code. Please provide a link where i can check this.

If your page is properly structured, setting cards height to 100% should fix this:

Perfect much easier than expected
I learned another thing about Wappler
Thank you very much

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It’s not really Wappler specific. This is how Bootstrap 4 (and its grid) works.