Heck, where did the table and form generators go?

Server Model: PHP
Wappler Version: 3.7.6

After a bit of testing it seems it’s when using BS5 that the generators have gone. Is that a bug or because BS5 is still in beta? Any idea when they will be added? I need to decide whether to switch to BS4 or not.

I haven’t checked but I’d probably say they haven’t been added yet?

Made the decision earlier to start a new production app in BS4. Once BS5 is in beta I’ll swap my projects over. Just like to play it safe.

I thought the BS5 integration in Wappler was up to where BS4 is so I went with it. I know BS5 itself is in beta but didn’t realise Wappler was also like that. I’ll go back to BS4 on this project but would be good to know what the plans are as I’d like to embrace BS5 ASAP.

The generators are not available for BS5 yet, but this doesn’t mean you can’t build forms or tables … :slight_smile:

I read in the 3.7.0 notes that the generators were coming in the next version so waited until now to start using it assuming they were there. Do you know when they’ll be added? They are one of the main time-saving aspects of Wappler that I use a lot.

Is this coming this week? I need to start a new dashboard tomorrow. Just wondering of I should stick with BS4? Just need the table generator … very quick to use.

I rolled two projects back to BS4 because I use the generators too frequently. I will upgrade them later to BS5 when full support is there. Hopefully will be very soon, though.

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Good to see BS5 gain more stuff in today’s update but when will the generators be available for it?

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Dynamic Generators are now available for Bootstrap 5 in Wappler 3.9.5

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Huge thanks @Teodor. I am about to transition some projects to BS5 now all the features are available.

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