Have You Implemented Paypal Advanced Checkout With Wappler and PHP?

Hi folks...

I need to implement Paypal Advanced Checkout with Wappler and PHP... Has anyone done this and is willing to share how they did it?

Many thanks,

I would like it as well I have been asking for this for many moons now.

That's an interesting expression!


Hits home better than "a lot of years"!

jpena you have to be from the southern US with an expression like that?

Good ole Southern Texas!

That expression goes back to before I was even born. And I'm old. I am suprised it is new to anyone. Maybe you youngins don't use it anymore. :wink:

The expression "many moons ago" originates from the use of lunar cycles to measure time, particularly among Indigenous peoples of North America. The term "moon" here refers to a full lunar cycle, approximately one month. Therefore, "many moons" signifies a long period in the past, spanning many months or years.

Indigenous cultures often tracked time and significant events based on lunar cycles, with each full moon sometimes marking specific seasonal events or periods within a year. For example, the Lakota Sioux used names for different moons to denote specific times of the year, such as the "Moon of the Popping Trees" for the coldest period in winter when tree bark would crack from the freezing temperatures.

The phrase "many moons ago" has thus come to be used in English to express a vague but long time in the past, drawing from this practice of using the moon as a natural and observable unit of time measurement.

But back on track, yes I would love to see PayPal supported in Wappler. Frankly, I am suprised it isn't.

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I have an excuse, I'm not a native English speaker :blush:


I wake up and find there are 7 replies to my post…

Hooray, I’ll have a solution to work with today, I think.

But no, it’s a load of old granny discussion about an obscure English expression…


Has anyone out there got something actually useful to tell me? :thinking:

I have to implement it this week, not many moons in the future!


(Apologies to any grandmothers in the audience…)


Plenty of stuff already on forum if you search, here is just 2

Example checkout code

(that one could benefit from a tweak to stop manipulation by adding a price check stage but that's simple enough)

Using IPN to manage/confirm/record transactions

Sure there is more, that's just the bits i added, just needs some searching


Yes, thanks for this Brian... none of those seem to answer my more immediate questions, especially as I am implementing the Advanced Checkout using their latest incarnation of how it works...

... I'm getting closer to a solution, and I'll post all the details when I've cracked it!


I had no intention of deviating from the actual post. I'm surprised to see such an intrigue of a very old saying - sorry for that. Don't need an explanation of its expression - its just a saying. I humbly retract it. NOW onto the more pressing matter at hand! Still need the paypal functionality and thank you Brian as always. As I requested "a long while back". I would like to see the old paypal shopping cart redone in much the same manner as Stripe. But since this is more of a European function I can understand despite the development programmers are USA based. I still highly vote for a new paypal shopping cart. I understand many wappler users in the USA HAVE to use Stripe now, but the majority of my clients prefer Paypal. Again thank you Brian I'll take a lash at it. I have made the Stripe version work, but after a wappler zoom meeting in May they gave an example using the form data, but doesn't apply to the previous instructions using a modal which cannot use the form data. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShVHewwOIgE&list=PLUjqTJN3byC9L7s2KnFLv3vSelpkBBCw2&index=3

@jpena Your customers can make payments with PayPal using stripe, it’s one of the many payment options available.