Have right table fields of left join show the table name along with the column name (table.columnname)

I have a left join of Contact table with Company table and I’m adding the Company.Name column as one of the columns, but when I go to pick the field in the Table Generator using Server Connect I only see “name”. I would prefer it to show table.column to differentiate it from any similar named fields from the main table.


When creating the query, the third column is for an alias, you can call the field whatever you want there:

you could use ‘companyname’ as an alias instead of ‘Name’


Thanks @bpj!

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To overcome duplication where id or name could be found in different tables, I always name the fields starting with the table name. In your case Name would become CompanyName.

Thanks Ben. I prefer to keep my table’s column names clean. The Alias works great.