Has anyone successfully built 'chat' between users within Wappler? (Bubble user considering moving over)

As above,

It took me a fair while to build chat in Bubble that worked with a logged in user and an anonymous user on a dynamic landing page (creating user to user chat is simple).

Is this easily possible with Wappler or would most people here use a third party service?

Appreciate any input


of course possible :slight_smile:

I’ve built a messaging system within a web app completely built with Wappler. It’s not quite ‘chat’ like, it’s more like email. Doing it like a ‘chat’ bot should be fairly straightforward, though.

So within Bubble, I simply created a ‘chat’ DB that had a relationship to ‘current user’ which took care of logged in, and the cookied anonymous - then submit created a repeating group entry.

I’d like to replicate what I’ve done, or improve upon it - but it seems a little daunting in Wappler, so it’s good to know you have achieved this - I’ll have to keep digging around to see if I can find a way or some reading on it.

Having a set of data (ie a chat dialog) update automatically for all involved in the chat is something bubble provides out of the box. It will definitely be different in Wappler as that is not the case.

Definitely take Serhat’s advice and start with Node and socket.io. There are fundamental differences that make node the best choice for server platform.

I’ve used SSE’s to update data on php but it is not ideal for chat as response time is critical.

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