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This week we present you one more website built with Wappler by Andre Bender, known in our community as @swf. Here’s what he briefly explains about the site:

We realised a complete new website for a local pharmacy. Beside the fresh new design we implemented our easy to use CMS, an intranet for the employees and dynamic opening hours app. The whole website has been built with Wappler using server connect, app connect, routing, masonry, swiper, lightbox, page loader, security, mailing and many more.

Keep up the good work, Andre!


Very nicely done Andre!


Don’t be shy guys, share your work with us to get featured in the Showcases section as well as in our weekly newsletter :slight_smile: With the community already 3000+ users it’s a nice place to get your work exposed.


Thanks Brian!


Looks great.


and very responsive / fast loading time


The implementation of the dynamic opening hours was quite challenging but fun to realise with Wappler.

The client enters his normal daily opening hours in the CMS, like Monday 9-12 and 13-18. If the actual time is outside these times, the website shows a “closed” notice in the header.

For specials days like a holiday the client adds a new date and either flags this day as closed or adds new opening hours, like 9-11.

The system now checks if there are any new opening hours or if today is closed and sets the notice to open or closed.


sounds good! I thought its dynamic and fetches google business API hours… :robot:would be nice to see how the cms looks.