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It seems that the option to set the sameSite property in security provider has no impact - looking at the provider.js file, it appears that it only allows true/false in a falsy expression (line 22) this needs to allow the value of the sameSite setting e.g. ‘None’


sameSite: opts.sameSite || 'Strict',
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Also just found that the Set Cookie SC API step samesite option has no effect for the same reason

Can I just check that you saw the last post - it is in both the Security Provider and Set Cookie elements

Thanks for sorting :+1:

In the setcookie action I’ve changed it to sameSite: options.sameSite || false and in the security provider sameSite: opts.sameSite || 'Strict' having Strict as default for the security cookie.

perfect! Thanks

Fixed in Wappler 5.3.3

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