GUI reset to defaults

I travel quite a bit, however when I am in the office I have a lovely monitor setup, with a 27 inch and a 43 inch monitor attached to my tiny 13 inch MacBook Pro.

Unfortunately having a monitor the size of a 43 inch means I can adjust my App Structure panel to show me almost all the properties available in one go.

Now i rush off to the Airport and think let me quickly make some adjustment while waiting 2 hours for my flight and I open my Laptop, and all I can see is properties in the App Structure, something like this.

After 10 minutes of looking for a way around i went to the Options > System and found a button saying Reset Panel Sizes, which after clicking I realised Adjusts the width only, so without plugging into another large monitor I had no way around the issue.

18 hours later I arrive in the UK and after asking my client to borrow his 23 inch monitor which was still too small, I had to go to a friends house that night and plug into his TV to finally get it fixed. So now each time i need to go out with only my Laptop I have to remember to drag Wappler onto my 13 inch to check if my panels still work.

I know this was a long sob story negated by me owning a 43 inch monitor, but if I did not give the synopsis of my plight it would have seemed like I was just nitpicking for nothing.

You came to UK and didn’t offer you come and buy me a beer :frowning_face:


Mwahahaha, yeah, it was a whirlwind visit for 2 weeks and a little unexpected, but dont worry I already have 2 visits lined up for 2020, so I may just give you a shout on one of those.
My boogers are still thawing out, damn that place is cold, the last visit was in May 2018 and it was pretty warm, unlike December 2019 which was freezing.

Hi @psweb
The reset option also resets the properties panel height. You just need to close and re-open the file which is currently loaded in Wappler to see the change.
We will check if we can improve this.

Aha, thanks @Teodor, I wish I had worked that out before running around the UK, lol, would have saved some time, haha. Just happy I know it now, and at least I do not have to worry that I forgot.

Much appreciated.

This has been fixed in Wappler 2.5

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