Group a repeat

I have an employee list with a column “crew” in every line of the repeat. I would like togroup those lines by the “crew” ad show the group name at the beginning of each group.

Do I have to make a nested repeat?

Yes. First repeat’s source would have the group by formatter… and the nested repeat’s source would just be $value.

this is really helpful however in using the data it seems that the filtering applies is lost on the $value row?

Whatever filter you have applied on parent repeat, only the filtered data is available in $value. If you want to further filter it, you need to apply another formatter to $value.

You can try to run the parent filter command in browser console using dmx.parse to check what the output is.

Thank you very much! You have confirmed the behavior I was trying to figure out! I’ll have to test it and see if I can make it work with my filters.