GraphQL - Apollo Server

Hi @patrick , @George , @Teodor

I have completed many projects with Wappler, which has now become a full part of my business life. I would like to share a shortcoming that I started to feel during this time with the Wappler community.

When I look at the projects I have completed in Wappler from a large window, I see a situation similar to the drawing below. Actually, it is very good for me that I have reached this state because it shows that I have successfully achieved my goals.

After thinking and doing some research on this drawing, I realized that it would pave the way for much larger projects by fully integrating apollo server / graphql and different services with wappler and gathering them under a single endpoint. I’m sure you will agree with the drawing if you think deeply about it. I strongly recommend Wappler to have graphql / apollo server integration.