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Using GoogleMaps dynamically, what coordinates should I enter in the database to get the position of the markers?
Is the complete address enough or are latitude and longitude also needed (which are difficult for the customer to find)?

either the address or coordinates, not both. Coordinates are best as it is a one off, addresses are subject to lookup each time and too many may result in charges

Thanks HyperBytes
I noticed that there are numerous configuration fields
Do you know if there is a tutorial to understand how to use them?

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These are the only ones i have done. - Using maps a a menu part 1 - Using maps a a menu part 2 - How to show the location of premises on a google map within your edit page

It covers some of the options but not all

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thank You Hyperbytes

Hi Hyperbytes
sorry if I disturb you, I made a request in another discussion but nobody answered me and I think maybe you know the solution.
I noticed that the Google map is not always visible when the page is first opened and sometimes it is necessary to reload 2 or more times
I think it is due to the fact that in the database the map reference is inserted only with the address, as it is the easiest solution for the client.
So what I’m wondering is: is there a function, or action or in any case a method to make sure that, when inserting the record, the address field of the map is processed to extract latitude and longitude and consequently also save the 2 data in 2 specific fields?

I have never had that refresh problem before however it may be that the address is being geocoded too slowly.

As google now charge for geocoding it is sensible to pre-geocode your addresses if posible so they are not checked every time.

So if your addresses are coming from a database then get the lat and lang once and save it into the database table then use those for the map

I did a tutorial on this some time ago, see the "Creating the API call’ section of this post

Thank you Hyperbytes
I took a summary look; now I go to read everything thoroughly to see if I solve my problem
I don’t need a mass action, but I need to integrate when inserting a new record, or to update to take the value of the address field, obtain latitude and longitude and also save these two fields
The important thing is that it is an automatic operation without problems for the user.
I seem to understand in your tutorial that this is possible. Now I look at it better