Google Session Auth and dmx-on:unauthorised

I did mention this in another post, but it was a very long thread so I figured I would repost here with a bit of an outline of the issue.

I have an OAuth Provider set to Session and an OAuth Authenticate script, they work great and after the server action hits the expires_in parameter it automatically uses the refresh_token and gets a new access_token from google.
So really it actually works very well with minimal hassle.

What stumped me was using a dmx-on:unauthenticated and telling that to do a browser goto back to the page for re-authentication.

The issue seems to be that the re-auth procedure of the Wappler OAuth Server Connect component is in the process of getting a new access token, while at the same time the client side dmx-on:unauthenticated is saying its unauthenticated and therefore it should run.

It would be great if there were a way to set a delay between these two procedures happening, so maybe the dmx-on:unauthenticated could have a way to set check again after 10 seconds or something, and if it is still unauthenticated then run?

Hope this makes sense.