Google Maps Pin from form input fields on page

Tried various ways to show a pin on map from Lat and Long values in input fields. Dynamic Attributes centers map, but no pin. Also created a Server Connect Action that gets the 2 values from input and the set values in back end for these, then use these again on the page in the dynamic markers section, but also no pin.

So everything is working except the pin is not dropping…

I have reported a few issues around this in the past but they still seem to remain.

  1. The attributes titles are confusing as they refer to map centre, not a .marker.
  2. You have ta add a separate marker using “add marker” at the same location however if you map has dynamic markers also, the additional pin disappears.

I am guessing it is a z index issue

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@pixlapps what exactly are you trying to do? To show a marker on a location based on two inputs on the page or to show dynamic markers from a database?

Just show marker on map based on 2 input fields. I tried the dynamic markers workaround just to see if it worked. But none of the 2 show a marker.

I will try @Hyperbytes solution

Thanks @Hyperbytes - forgot about the add marker option. That did the trick!