Google maps dynamic markers

HI trying to figure out the Dynamic markers Source in Wappler, can they be linked to database table somehow?
There are fileds but not sure on correct way of using it?
Trying to pull data from database and populate markers and info windows dynamically without long and lat coordinates?
any pointers much appreciated

Have a look at

HI, thanks for that, very useful, just got to figure out how to do the query first in Wappler?
First day using it and I can do an insert so just need to figure out the query now



Hi @minister,
Just take a look at these two tutorials in our docs section:
Creating Database Queries
Displaying Dynamic Data on your Pages

Just skip the binding data on the page part of the second tutorial and use it in Google maps instead :slight_smile:

Thanks for that,

I have now created a database query but can’t select it as Dynamic Markers source as the Dynamic App Connect Google Maps DMX video shows?

I will try looking at your second video instead



That’s why I sent the second tutorial. It shows how to add the server connect data source in app connect panel - then you can use it in Google maps.

Thanks very much, I am progressing slowly, now I just have an error with the page loading, I can see 2 markers on the map before the page crashes, possibly invalid addresses I guess, can I add more than 1 field to the INFO attribute do you know?

Thanks again


Thanks for your help, I have managed to get it working with multiple map markers displaying on a google map, however I am finding it difficult to get more than 1 field from a table in a database to display in the info window. Ideally I would like a record for each entry in the database to display in different info windows, is there anyway to select more than 1 field from a table to display in the info window?



Here’s a short video how to do this, with a space between the fields:
2018-10-19_12h00_55.mp4 (353.4 KB)

Thanks ive just got to that stage, just wondering if I can include a linebreak somehow but it doesnt look like you can pass html breaks?
or can I resize the info window to narrow it and sort of force a line break do you know?
Thanks for your help so far

where I am at so far

You should just select “template” then, instead of “expression” and the code is:

{{field1}} <br> {{field2}}

This way you can use any html tag there.

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thanks i will try that

That worked, thankyou much appreciated

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