Google Maps Console Error

Wappler Version : 5.3.1

Getting below error in projects where Google Maps is in use:

Looks like a change from Google. Wappler should add a default inline callback function to fix this.

Yes I’m getting this error, as well. Sadly, my maps are not working. Are yours?

seems like you need to have ‘some’ function that you call after map is correctly loaded. Should not be to hard to implement?

EDIT: I really have an issue with this… My client’s map feature is not working, but they are publishing a print magazine featuring this exact map tomorrow… Would be great if this can get a hotfix.

As in the Stack Overflow forum explained, just add &callback=Function.prototype to the url. We will add this to the url in an update.


Well it seems to be easily fixed by just adding &callback=Function.prototype to the google maps include will fix the error.

Will see if we can add this automatically.

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That was the easiest fix EVER. Thanks :smile: :smile: :smile: :+1:

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Fixed in Wappler 5.3.3