Google maps 'click on a pin' event

Have created a Google map with dynamic addresses and it works nice. Just cant figure out how to activate the ‘click’ event for each of the pins. Tried the ‘dynamic’ events from AppConnect UI but (regarding google maps) it only has events not relative with clicking on a pin.

So the question is: how can I create the fuctionality of showing location detail inside the map when clickin on each of the pins, and in general how can I access the ‘pin clicking’ event?

Thank you!

Hi Niko, you can enter the location details in the description field for each of the pins. It will be displayed when the pin is clicked.
There is no a click on pin event available for triggering custom events.

Thank you for your answer @Teodor, yes it was the ‘info’ input. Wanted to add some html code inside there and it works nicely just needs a bit of handcoding. For anyone else who might need to add some html code inside the info tooltip I am attaching a sample code which displays ‘latidute’ and ‘longitude’ plus an ‘image’

marker-info="location_lat+' <img src=><br> '+ location_lon"

Thanks again Teo

PS. Attaching an image of the final result


I found that entering

{{lat}}  [img src=]<br>  {{lng}} 

via the data peeker does the same thing.(lat,lng are table fields)
It is easy then to add other table fields if needed inside {{ }}

< and > replaced with [ and ] to stop rendering in comment

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