Google maps add marker by button click


how can i add a marker to the map and set its position by a click event?


Can’t be done directly in wappler I’m afraid, would need custom JS


thanks @Hyperbytes
it will be nice if it was added to wappler as its not that hard.
and its quite useful when you want the user to point a location on the map


Yes, it was discussed here.

At present you would have to add your own listener (well documented by google)

You could always add it as a feature request


That is not the same issue. im not loading any dynamic data. i want to add a simple marker. same as when you add it from the element menu and set its lat and long from a geo element.


Is this what you would like to achieve? The address is echoed to a text input while the lat and lon are echoed to hidden fields.

2019-06-07_12-25-09.mp4 (871.7 KB)


@Dave Yes
but the marker should not be shown all the time. only when a button is clicked for example.


It was raised in that post


@Dave Is that done in Wappler?


Not entirely. We modified a library from GitHub.

We used Wappler as the code editor though! :wink:

As far as I know this is not possible in Wappler directly? Whichever route is chosen some customisation will be required.


I’m sure we did this by accident… Let me have a look a little later and see if we still have that version on file…


It’s quite well documented:

Accessing Arguments in UI Events (scroll down a little)


Some sort of database write-back and query refresh could lead to some interesting possibilities.

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Thats alot of overhead for this type of stuff.