Google Map Issues

Hi Guys,

I’m having some issues with a google map - in the design view it loads fine (map has a static address defined…) and it centers on that address however when i load it in a browser it’s placing the map somewhere over africa (looks like zoomed 100% also). I’ve closed wappler and reopened, double checked that the files are uploading properly and it still doesn’t like me.

Any ideas on why this would be happening?

Thanks in advance.


It just centers the map on coordinates: 0,0 which is near Africa, when you have not set a center location.

Please just enter your center location where you need it (under the Center section in properties panel).

Hi Teodor,

Thanks, I actually had an address specified in the Center section, it seems as soon as i change that the design view map does the same thing as the browser version (centers 100% somewhere in africa, which is the other side of the world when I’m trying to center it in South Australia, Australia)

Page has been saved and I’ve tried pressing the refresh button to no avail.

Could you please provide a link to your page where i can check this?

Have PM’d you a link :slight_smile:


The issue has been fixed.
The Google API key configuration needed the Geotaging enabled as well.

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Yep, Thanks for your help Teodor.

For future reference for anyone having the same issue - I needed to enable the following libraries in my google cloud console “Maps Javascript API” and “Geocoding API” .