Google Gemini

I was just looking at some of the latest updates for Google Gemini AI, it’s developing very quickly, one item that stood out was the ability it has to generate a bespoke experience for the end user.

I can see this as a major advantage to websites and apps in general. Get a look at this video to see how it can change the layout of presented information based upon the needs of the data being viewed, amazing:


I don’t know what version of Gemini it is, but if it’s just the “Pro” it’s just above GPT 3.5 capabilities. You can test it out in Bard. GPT4 is still way above Gemini Pro. We will have to wait for 2024 to see what Gemini Ultra can do.

And by that time I see Openai releasing a model that makes Ultra look like an amoeba. OpenAI is still the reference and has at least a year of advantage over the competitors.

On the other hand, every day that passes GPT4 seems more “dumb” and by “dumb” I mean capable.

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I see this horse race pacing back and forth between competitors for a long time yet. Whats interesting to me is the concept raised in the above video, about the UX being able to suit in real-time what the user is requesting. I think that’s just the start on changing the way we think about the possible ways our users can interact with the stuff we are creating.

The concept is interesting and it’s actually already achievable with GPT4. It’s basically just a UI for a thought process mechanism. With LLMs it’s important to focus on the underlying architecture, not what’s visible to us. Most AI tools out there are based on GPT4 api calls with custom prompts and maybe some additional read/writes to vector databases. All presented within a nice UI. That is what we are actually watching in this video.

You can actually create a custom GPT for GPT4 that works like that asking for clarifications and follow-ups.

Google has the upper hand on one thing for now. Access to up to date information thanks to their www crawlers. Something that GPT4 can’t match yet even with the bing integration.

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For anyone who wants a bit of context with a twist.


Part 2:

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One ball three cups no sweat eh… BUT what about its interpretation of two girls one cup?



That was a true blast from the passt

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