Going Round & Round with "Linked Action Steps Warning to be Saved

In working on this php page to send emails I keep running into a time-wasting loop when I want to check the properties on these actions steps.
While looking at the 3 properties below my Connection Step

When I Select Setup Mailer or Send Mail I get the following warning –

I go through the individual Save steps thinking I’ve taken care of this.

But then as I try to move up to the Database Insert step the warning is there again.

I’ve tried unlinking the files and then saving from the top down but I still can’t get the Warning to stop popping up when clicking the last 3 to check properties.

Interesting, never even noticed the mail step had a link, in the docs, it does not look like it is selected to be honest, will look at that more, i am intrigued now.

Hi Paul, the link button is used in steps which you want to reuse across different server actions without the need to set them up every time - such as database connections, mail setup etc.

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Which means that in the mail step, you don’t really have to use it then i suppose if you not planning on having any other actions that use a mailer setup. You Wappler people thought of so much background stuff i’m sure half of us never even notice or just take for granted.
I sat pondering over a database layout, sleepless for 2 days, I can not begin to imagine the whiteboard of sticky notes and drawings you guys must have up in the office with your plan.


The LINK button has been a topic I wanted to raise a week or 2 ago.

Since then I’ve followed what happens to the API files when actions are Linked & when they’re not. LINKED changes what’s written inside the Connection API.

This, I believe, is why I claimed that “pages were changing overnight”.

I was using Connections by name that already had code embedded from another page I had written. Then, when I picked this Connection by name AGAIN for something new it was already “tainted” from the preceding page.

When I used a previously LINKED Connection I’d add new action steps. Wappler would ask me if I wanted to SAVE these CHANGES.

So now I was REWRITING the same Connection file with NEW action steps.

The page that WORKED but contained this same Connection defined yesterday was now failing a day later because that Connection didn’t have the same Action Steps anymore.

Here’s 2 Connections that I applied custom names to
But what started out as a Connection to the same database
got Action Steps added – bound – and the consequences of using what seems to only be a Connection file change because Action Steps that were different were Bound or Linked.

I tend to explain linked files as being the server action equivalent of a server side include but for 1 step only.

They are saved under the name of the specific action step, save a different action using the same name then it will overwrite that previous file. I rarely use it and when i do it mainly is for database connection,security providers,mailer setups and occasionally for API definitions

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Hello Ben,

Thank you for bringing some more experience to my learning phase.

I rarely use it and when i do it mainly is for database connection,security providers,mailer setups and occasionally for API definitions

“Use IT” – You mean you rarely LINK files when you are adding action steps to your initial connection on a page?

How do you interpret my current Action Step setting?

Database Connection: GoToKadeData is LINKED

I have UNlinked "Database Insert: DataintoRegistration but I have selected OUTPUT
I have UNlinked “Setup Mailer: mailhotels”

So some files that I had linked before are unlinked now –

So files that were included in my Connection File, including the Send Email action steps, are now Dropped as Includes in the Connection File – If I understand correctly.

These files now have to be on the online server in the proper folders for this form to work – is my presumption.


Thanks to Teodor, Paul, Ben!

Form Submits, Re-Directs, Sends Properly formatted Email to the correct people!

I fired off some screenshots of my first Beautiful HTML email that arrived immediately.

One Small Step for New Media, One Giant Leap for the same dimwit!

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So happy you got this all working, really happy for you.

Only question i still have, and i tried to even reiterate it in my video, is why you have more than one connection step in the first place, i mean 2 maybe maximum if you have a testing environment and a live environment, or maybe 3 if you have some extra DB servers setup from a security standpoint, but generally.

I website, i database connection file, linked should be perfect.

Anyway just trying to find out from a pure interest sake, oh and BTW, Hyperbytes is Brian, not Ben, lol

Yep, good old Brian, Ben’s Brother!

As to your question, and a fine, fine question it is indeed –
I am working at 4:30 am to get some other things working.

You, sir, PAUL … are either up early or up very very late.

These are my hours

5:30am here, also trying to finish a deadline, lol

Keeping the Nespresso machine busy.

I tried to find the Link to your new Video – the one I clicked in one of your posts just brought me to your forum comments about what you had done.

Here it is, i added it to the main docs for server security

Haha, thanks for asking I had forgotten to attach the video to the post, its corrected now.