Giving Docker another look

Okay, so with all the talk of Docker and making it a default project setting I decided I would give it another go. I am now an hour in and no closer to setting up a test site than I was two hors ago.

Test Connection:

Switch Target to Docker and says I have to launch it first …

Click Yes …

If I was a new user to Wappler I would have given up by now.

Hi @brad,

did you download and install docker desktop?

I missed that in the docs. Just did that. I thought this was suppose to be easier than MAMP? Still had to download, install and start server.

What part is easier?

Also looks like you can’t have more than one local project open in your browser like you can in MAMP?

Doesn’t look like you can use a third party database app like Navicat either? Or even use a remote database?

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I have to admit that I’m also a MAMP user and for my workflow it is the best choice at the moment. For those who want to deploy a docker container it is different. Navicat should work though.

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I only had a quick look at Docker when it was added to Wappler. I could manage the database with Navicat without any problem. Here are the connection settings:



Thanks Marcel, I got Navicat to work. So that’s a good thing.

Question is how will it handle multiple Docker projects…