Github Branches

Have tried a few different methods but figured I would ask to make sure. When creating branches in wappler, those branches never seem to appear in Github. Is their a trick to this? Is it just local?

I have the same issue from my end.
Has anyone figured it out?

All branches that you create on your local Wappler git repository remain local.

Only the master branch gets push to the linked github master branch.

With git you are only working / pushing one branch at a time and usually only the master is the one that you want to deploy.

We might add an option to choose which branch you want to push, but on the remote site (github) if you want to push to different than master, the branch needs to exist first.

So to sum - in git there is no branching synchronization. Each repository local or remote has its own branches.

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Thank you! Works for me, thought it was a configuration issue

In Wappler 3.4.0 now locally created branches are automatically created on the remote when push is done.

Also local tags are copied to remote as well.

Great update, thank your team for all the hardwork!