Git select All uncommitted reverts

Wappler Version : 2.6.4
Operating System : 10.15

Expected behavior

Have a look at movie…just can’t select All uncommitted changes – it keeps reverting the selection. Happens on individual selects as well.

weird … couldn’t really reproduce it.

Does it also happen, when you fully restart Wappler?

If it still does, try restart with debug log and attach it here.

restart fixes temporarily…I’ll try capture the next one…just started with 2.6.4 (or maybe .3) but it has happened a few times.

May have to do with making a cordova platform build. (9.5 KB)

This occured on another project, web app instead of mobile…so probably not related to cordova build.

Not sure why it is doing this so much by you, but I figured out that the selections are lost when the panel refreshes because of some file changes. So somehow it is updating files in your project in the background causing the panel to refresh.

We will have a look at the panel to see if it can keep the previous state after a refresh instead of loosing the selections.

This is fixed in Wappler version 2.6.5.


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