Getting to learn about "Server Connect / Database Connector" db structure "guessing"

I´m very surprised how the Feature “server connect / database connector” (if naming it correctly) does allow Wappler to retrieve a complete Database structure with its table and field names, etc… out of “nowhere”.
I mean without me even declaring it in a previous step nor installing a component on my own server…
I was not aware of this technology before using wappler.

I Tried googling “server connect / database connector” to learn more about. from the basics to how it indeed works to achieve that, does it comes preinstalled on Servers ?..
I could not find anything…

What would be the right expression to look for to get videos and articles and learn about that feature better… ?

Well it is actually no magic at all. Every database server supports next to SQL for retrieving the data also SQL statements for retrieving the database structure. Meta structure.

So Wappler just run such queries and populates all its options based on the results.

Of course we have put much work on it because of the many different database services that have each different “dialects” and also server languages for the implementation, but as you so the end result is all so convenient :slight_smile:

Very interesting and very usefull indeed ! Great job Team.
So its using a "next to SQL"...method ?