$_GET value not updating in Modal but query.variable does

Ok hopefully I can explain this clearly.

I have a search icon above some inputs that when clicked

  1. sets the value of a query manager param: qm_1.set(‘target_input’,’<?php echo $input_name; ?>’); (so that it can be read by the contact modal)
  2. Loads various Server Connects
  3. Shows the contact modal

All the above works as expected and if I retrieve the value in the modal using: query.target_input I get the correct value, however in this particular instance I need to get the ‘target_input’ using php like so <?php echo $_GET['target_input'];?> (long explanation why and doesn’t matter) and that value never updates unless I refresh the whole page. (perhaps because the modal is created on page load)

For testing purposes I have put an “Update Modal” button on the contact modal with the code below as it’s label so you can see that the query.target_input always uses the correct value that is in the url and that the $_GET[‘target_input’] never updates with the new value. Updating the Modal using the update modal action connected to the Update Modal button doesn’t seem force the modal to use the new URL parameter either. (perhaps I am misunderstanding what the modal update action does - I thought maybe it reloads the Modal via ajax and would use the new param)

The label for the Update Modal

dmx-text="‘Update Modal - (query.target_input = ‘+query.target_input+’) | ($_GET = <?php echo $_GET['target_input'];?>)’"

In the video you’ll see me click on the inputs, then show the url has the correct target_input set, then you’ll see the query.target_input value matches the url value, but $_GET[‘target_input’] never updates. At the end I click the Update Modal button but the value gotten via php $_GET doesn’t update.

Hope that explanation makes sense and that I’m missing something simple. Sorry for all the questions lately, but I decided to purchase Wappler during a major database overhaul for a client and it’s taking longer than expected since I’m learning Wappler at the same time.

Thanks in advance.