Get the date value when clicking on a day or event in the new calendar

The new Calendar feature is awesome and the timing is perfect. I’ve already got it up and running and it works like a dream.

I had already created my own appointments system which shows a day at a time and has a lot of custom functionality in it so I’m not going to replace that. Instead, I’ve now got a page using the new calendar and just using the month and week views (beautiful) and want to link the days/events to my original page.

So, I’ve put in the click events but I need to send the date with the click. How do I get that?

The date click event returns the date, and you can get it in the dynamic data picker in the dynamic event:

So every dynamic event returns different data, depending on what it does. As you can see in the docs, the select event returns the selected range start and end date / time, date click returns the date … :slight_smile:


I guessed it would be easy :slight_smile:

Thanks @Teodor.

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The Date Click Event data doesn’t seem to be available in the Inline Flow. Is that correct, or am I missing something?