Get File from API Action - NodeJS [OpenSource] (v0.2)

Hi there fellow Wapplers,

I have created my first extension :tada:
Well…not really. I have only copied @mebeingken’s extension:
Custom File Actions [Node]

And adjusted it to suit my needs. Also learned a lot from this extension by @sid:
API File Upload Action - NodeJS & PHP [Open Source]

I did see quite a lot of topics requesting something like this, so I thought it would be good to share it.

You find the action next to Sid’s:

And currently these are the settings available:

It now downloads a file from an api and saves it under the original filename to your desired save path.

Like I said, it is based on Ken’s extension, which was based on node request. Which is deprecated, I am not sure if this is an issue or not. If it is an issue please suggest alternatives.

Right now I only made an option to change the url and add headers to the request. Because that is what I needed. If you need params or body or something, please comment below.

Also, right now it does not catch errors or response codes. I haven’t figured out how to properly do that, yet. (1.8 KB)




I actually did run into issues with the request library a while back. I can’t recall the specifics, but it was obviously time to move on from that library.

Here is a version of the action that now uses Axios:

exports.write_binary = async function (options) {
    //retrieves a file via remote http request and saves the file to the local server
    //names the file using a uuid

    //for converting file paths provided in UI
    const { toSystemPath } = require('../../../lib/core/path');

    //uuid package
    const { v4: uuidv4 } = require('uuid');

    //required for retrieving 
    const axios = require('axios')

    //and saving file
    const fs = require('fs-extra');

    //convert the user local_path provided in the API action to useable in the module
    let path = toSystemPath(this.parseRequired(this.parse(options.local_path), 'string', 'fs.exists: path is required.'));

    //evaluate the data binding for remoteURL
    let remoteURL = this.parseRequired(options.file_url, 'string', 'parameter file_url is required.');

    //generate uuid
    let uuid = uuidv4(); // ⇨ '1b9d6bcd-bbfd-4b2d-9b5d-ab8dfbbd4bed'

    //set the filename
    let file_name = path + '/' + uuid;

    async function downloadImage() {
        const url = remoteURL;

        const writer = fs.createWriteStream(file_name)

        const response = await axios({
            method: 'GET',
            responseType: 'stream'

        return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
            writer.on('finish', resolve)
            writer.on('error', reject)

    await downloadImage();

    //return the file_name
    return { "file_name": uuid }


HI Jelle,

Just playing with your extension as a test and to learn more but having a problem with the URL field.

If I use a static url (like your screenshot) the file is downloaded from the given url but if I use a dynamic variable (e.g. the response from an API with the url of the file the action fails - “Error: parameter value is required.”

This is the error detailed in the js for the URL field.

I had assumed I could use a variable/dynamic value (which is a string of a valid url) given there is a data binding icon:

Do you use it this way?

Are there any special steps I need to take first?

Thanks in advance for any pointers you can provide :slight_smile:


Hi Paul,

I haven’t looked into this extension for a while, but I expect to be needing it in the coming weeks. I will report back with my findings and fixes, if needed.

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Hi Jelle,

I have done a little more work on this today and found, as usual, the issue was with my implementation :frowning:

The dynamic value I was retrieving from my API call “[0].$value” which was provided by the Wappler data binding selection was not actually giving me a value, it should have been “[0]”

It now works and my day of trying to find an error has taught me loads about extensions :slight_smile:

Thanks, Paul.

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