How to download a file from s3 (getfile? downloadfile?)

Trying to download a file from s3 so I can then send it to another API.

I thought this would be simple to do but I’m failing to understand how to use ‘Get file’ and ‘Download file’.

I have a path that holds my file:


I have a destination for this file:


Whne I try to use getFile: image

It throws the error:

The path I see is confusing me, it seems to join the ‘path’ with the ‘key’.

If I split up the key and the path:
it throws the same error

which makes sense, as the file is not in /opt/node_app but it’s on my s3 storage.

Am I completely missing the point here of getFile?
Since ‘putFile’ puts a file on s3 storage. I assume ‘getFile’ takes it off?


I’m pretty sure the ’ get file’ server action is broken - would love a fix :smiley:

Changing this topic to a bug

hello @karh, I use “Sign Download URL”, it will generate a temporary link to your document.


On front end: dmx-on:click=" by the API)" using the download component.

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It’s not that easy. I recommend using a wappler custom file action- this library works well for me.

Here’s an action shot :smile:

And this post has a newer version of the module

I really need to update the repository!


Awesome! Thanks @scalaris @mebeingken and @jellederijke

Will try it out soon.

@otavionestares Thanks, sadly I don’t need to download it client side. I need it downloaded server side. But it looks like Jelle’s extension can help with it.

Regarding this topic: I still believe that ‘get file’ is broken and should allow me to get files to my server using s3

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There bug here is that the path needs to be exactly the same as the KEY’s path.
So, before GetFile step, you need to do a create folder step, and create the folder:
Then, in path, just put /.

We used this just last week, and ended up copying Wappler’s code to create a custom module where we could set whatever path we need.

@patrick Bump.

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Thanks sid! Sounds not ideal to have so many folders created but at least something to work with for now!!

Bump. Really need this fixed :frowning:

Say I have files on the S3 like /user/patrick/avatar.png and /user/george/avatar.png.

If I save the avatar from patrick to the path /tmp/ it will generate /tmp/user/patrick/avatar.png. It will keep the path which was included in the key. If I then save the avatar from george it will be creating a new file. When we would strip the path the file would be overwritten.

Seeing the error in the topic post it seems that it doesn’t create the needed folders dynamically. Will have a look at that.

Would there be a use-case where the path needs to be stripped and file being saved as /tmp/avatar.png then let me know. I think we should keep the path in and just fix the dynamic folder creation.

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To make sure we’re aligned.
This is what you’re saying, correct?

Yes, correct

For my use case right now I am okay with /tmp/school/1/invoices/invoice.pdf
However, I still would feel like we would have more freedom and flexibility if the code isn’t ‘biased’ in this way.

To save /user/patrick/avatar.png as /tmp/user/patrick/avatar.png I could set it up like this:

Which has the benefits of:

  1. Being more clear for the user (IMO) because there’s no mention of how they key and Path are being joined in the UI right now
  2. More flexibility, because I could also save the files like image
    I would then remove these files immediately (I download them to send them away again, then remove them from my server). So if for some reason these files aren’t removed and I’m seeing this folder 2 months later… I get more context with my own naming scheme.

If you do keep it the same, I highly recommend some info in the tooltips

The path and key are joined together, in most cases the key is only the filename and the path is some folder on your server.

I have an update that should fix the issue for creating the folders defined in the key when they don’t exists. (1.3 KB) Upzip it to lib/modules.

An ideal solution would be to have a separate checkbox to “create path” or not.

What would the create path checkbox exactly do. Would you rather have an error when the path doesn’t exist and the checkbox is not checked? Perhaps better then is to have an option to strip the path from the key.

I would prefer the option to strip the path

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I feel stripping the path by default is what’s generally expected - an option would be nice but the remote path would generally have little bearing on what I want t do with the file post-download

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That’s another way of looking at it. What I meant is in the Path input, whatever path is given, the file should just get downloaded there.
If folders in the given path do not exists, they would need to be created. Which means having “create path” option does not sound right.
So “Strip Key Path” is a better name for it I suppose.

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An option to strip key path has been added to Wappler 5.3.2