Geocoding gives me back OBJECT, I guess I mixup smth. with array

I’m trying to forward Geocode an adress which is typed into a Input field, and then wanna get back LAT + LON.

So far I’ve setup in App Connect:


And using this FETCH Schema to

JSON result looks like :

But my result in my formfields as test looks like i got smth, but wrong type of field… Array??


What would be a good way to forward gecode an address before pushing it into the mysql db?

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generally the [Object][Object] message appears when you have defined two objects in the page with the same name. check for name conflicts between ids/ forms/ connections etc

What have you picked as expression? Seems to me you have picked the parent object and not the lat/lng directly

I tried also object/lat/long itself.

It should be something like this {{[0].geometry.location.lng}}

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@mimuk okay! I got a Datasource which gets the API Json. There I select mostly the data root. Or the root which makes sense to me. and then I got a dataview. There i select the Lat/long field directly?

Just use the data picker for the correct expressions. Also if you have a single result you don’t need a dataview

Dataview you need only if you have a lot of results and need additional client side filtering and sorting