Fuzzy Search little problem

Is there a way to get the fuzzy search to show results no matter if there is a capital letter or not.
For example in the DB I have Albert
Now if I search with fuzzy search for Albert then it works, but if search for albert it does not show.

Anyone got any ideas?

Hello, you can apply “To Lowercase” formatter to both the search value and the property you are searching in. This way it will not be case sensitive.


Hi @gunnery & @Teodor,

I manage to lowercase my filter value, but where do you apply it on the “property you are searching in.” as one cannot edit the query to set a column to lowercase.



Select the value and then it (+) and add convert to lowercase on both the property and the value.

@gunnery thank you for reply. but where do you do that, in the server connect section, or the server connect in the app structure section or some where completely different?

Sorry for the delay, but I’m in. Australia so it was night time when I replied and now its early in the morning. I know how frustrating it can be waiting for answers.
Easy way to see it watch the video below. I’ve done a recreate of fuzzy search on a query.

Hope it makes sense.

fuzzy.mov (45.8 MB)

Hi @gunnery,

Thank you for your time in creating a video, it did help in understanding. although it did not work for me(when trying to load the property to add a value, it keeps on loading).

But I did find a different way for my use case. Because I use a PostgreSQL DB, i had to add CIText extention(case-insensitive text data type), which solved my problem.



all good, at least its working now :slight_smile:

@pheaxx how did you manage to apply the „citext“ type to your columns? I was able to install the extension but wasn‘t able to apply the type to my column via the ui.

Could you give me a hint?

I don’t use Wappler for database changes, I use Navicat for Postgres. but you can use also pgAdmin4, with either you then can set citext as a column type in your tables.