Funny story, well not too funny for me, but just be careful this does not happen to you

So I spent 90% of my day yesterday doing a 12 year analysis on a new customers website in various tools, mainly being Google Analytics.

Sent it off to client late last night, with screenshots of 2 of my browser windows, both being speed test pages.

This evening my client as well as 4 of his staff members have a skype conference call, all attendants in the call have received a copy of my email.
After much discussion over my findings and the conference call is about to come to a close, the main boss, says “By the way Paul, when taking screenshots, please be careful of what other browser tabs you have open”, very quickly I go and look at my emailed screenshots to find this.

So now my client obviously thinks they know what I do in my spare time, and thinks I am a bit of a perverted guy, all be aware of this when taking screen shots please and learn from my embarrassing moment.


Ok, that is funny … lol :joy::sunglasses:

I agree - very funny!

Yeah, just my kind of luck i tell you. Don’t know how seriously they are going to take me now.

Said the man who recently created a post entitled “I had a perfectly working backend until …”


haha, haha, haha, Brian gets the award hands down for the absolute funniest come back, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, luckily the front end is still working.


My titles are SEO’d to perfection, i know what gets searched for @Hyperbytes, I will bet that search term gets Wappler more hits than most others.


I’ve had a terrible migraine all day. This made it go away.

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