Fundamental paging options

I am new to Wappler and am busy getting my head around the App Connect basics. Where could I find instructions on how to use the fundamental paging options in App Connect?

Please check the getting started part of the then you can continue with how-tos :slight_smile:

Hi Teodor,
Gone through most of those tutorials. Nothing about paging there, i.e. “First | Previous | Next | Last” for a dynamic table.
Regards, Jan

Unfortunately we’ve not yet added this to our documentation - should be added this week, as we are constantly updating it and adding new tutorials.
The option is already available under Generators menu in App Connect panel.

Thanks, Teador - looking forward to that. I think we need a topic on this forum for absolute beginners.

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Hi Teodor,
Any progress on the paging tutorials?
Regards, Jan

Hi Jan,

Actually most of the tutorials are already available.
To see how to make server side query actions you can read:

To apply the data bindings to your page:

To do data formatting:

The paging is also available under just as any other component:

under Generators / Bootstrap 4 Paging Generator. All the options on the UI speak for them selves you just need to select a server connect data sources as defined in the query from above,

It is all really easy and natural to do.

If you need more guides videos you can even check few ones from DMXzone, which are pretty much the same workflow process in Wappler:

Only most people coming from coding environments and way of work usually think too difficult. With Wappler we give you all the power of server side development but then with much more productivity boost because you don’t have to code it all by yourself.

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But I see you already asked for refund and are not willing to invest more time in learning Wappler or gain any productivity improvements, so that is ok. You refund will be processed

Thank you. Much appreciated.