Fun Project

When a good friend asks you to put something together for her new business… Naked cleaning services :slight_smile:

It is going to be a real shame reducing the quality/resolution of the images for this site… My job is terrible!

Could be a great Showcase…



Haha we are looking forward to showcase your project, Dave :grin:

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Having issues with my Clients sexy cleaning service…

Seems Alerts will not display inside a Modal… Hahaha pardon the pun (just look at that a*se) :smiley:

Hi Dave,
How are you trying to show the modal - what event are you using? Do you see errors in the console?
What’s the code generated for triggering the alert?

Dave, you should show the models not the modals :wink:


The Modal is fine it is the Alert within the Modal that does not appear to show. Do I need a trigger for the Alert?

Well, yes. You should add an event (dynamic event) that triggers the alert or set it to always show in it’s properties if you wish to show it all the time.

Very weird. I clicked on Dynamic Attributes for the Alert and set Alert Show. I then un-ticked it and my Alert displays correctly…

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This is a good friends ‘bottom’ (lmfao) so it’s quite, ummm, weird, ummm, yeah… :smiley:

I’d post the full pic but wouldn’t wish to offend anybody especially the female users of Wappler! I mean that with all sincerity.


@Dave tell us more about naked cleaning service… :grinning::grin:

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You have three choices, topless, full nude, or lingerie/dress-up. The girl/girls enter your home and clean everything for you while you work hard in the office. Light cleaning only, no ovens or toilets!


Starting from €50.00 for an hour…

Damn I sound like some sort of pimp. Yush selecta, wha a gwan, gal dem ere fer ya rough neck bizness an ting! Fitty ah skirt mah brethren, yeh yeh! <---- Very poor Patois hahaha…