FullCalendar Scheduler - How to call a function/method from App Connect

Hi All,

Still very much getting my head around FC Scheduler (not the integrated version in Wappler, i’m needing to use the premium plugins) and as i really don’t have any real coding background, i’m struggling with all the JavaScript.

I have gotten the Resource Timeline working well enough, including sending/receiving event info from FC to App Connect and updating event details etc.

I am now struggling to ‘refetch’ or ‘rerender’ events once they have been updated in the database (because the initial JS script is a static event that is called when the page loads)

FC has a number of ‘Methods’ that can be used for additional functionality:

And while i CAN get these to work when i write them in the initial JS file or script, i can’t seem to get them to work OUTSIDE of that.

Here is my JS file:

If i write any of these FC methods in there, for example ‘calendar.destroy()’ it works as expected.

But how can I call or invoke this same function or method (calendar.destroy is a good example as its easy to see if it works) from inside of App Connect?

I have tried multiple things, mainly assigning the call JS function to a button click.
such as:

I have tried many other things to get it to work, but as my JS knowledge is limited, i’m really shooting the dark.

Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks in advance.


function destroycal() {



Something like that is how I would approach it. Although I’m not a JS coder and could have my syntax wrong.

Thanks for the taking the time to reply @tesla but this dosen’t work either.

I have discovered something called ‘Scoping’ and it seems that the method ‘calendar.destroy’ will only work when called from within the parent function.

So knowing that, i’m trying to find ways to re-call that function or part there of from outside the function in App Connect.

Failing that, i’m seeing if i can have them be called within the function, but have that part be triggered by something from app connect that i can perhaps parse back.

It’s all a jumble of thoughts but i’ll keep working :slight_smile: