Full Reference for Server Connect and App Connect components

I often feel difficulties with understanding which component does what. And there is often no documents on the component, or they are given very indirectly

Basic example, there are:

  • Repeat component in App Connect
  • Repeat Children component in App Connect
  • Repeat properties in components like Table Generator
  • Repeat Server Action

And there is 0 articles in the Documents describing what these elements actually do, only one tutorial.

I think, having a brief reference with an example for every somponent would be really, really helpful.

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Well many of those are explained in the general App Connect introduction:

And the rest is pretty much component specific, so you can look it up per component.

Are you looking for specific case?

Well, the case with Repeaters is pretty descriptive - I would like to see more details on every out of 4 elements.

I used to address to references like Leaflet has (https://leafletjs.com/reference-1.7.1.html) or any other service with API. Just a talbe: “Componentt name” - “What it does”.

There are so many undocumented components that I can only guess how they work and how they differ.

  • Repeat is repeating the element it’s applied to. So if you have it applied on a column, then it will repeat the column itself.
  • Repeat children is repeating the child element in a parent>child structure, such as ul>li or div>div or whatever parent>child structure is.
  • The table generator is using repeat children. The repeat children element is applied to the tbody elements and repeats the tr inside. It’s the same if you click on tbody and make it a repeat children, the UI just generates it for you automatically.
  • Repeat step in the server action repeats the steps inside it as many times as the number, which expression used there returns.
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Thank you, that’s prery informative. Anyway, I would gladly use a general Reference resource to get such info in future.

We also have a more detailed documentation with references coming up. You can preview it at:



Yeah, this is what I was looking for. Will wait for the release. Thank you.

Looking good!