FTP: 'Files are not be removed' message

I noticed that some files remain on the server, even though I have removed them from the Wappler file manager. Then looking at the logs I found this after doing ‘publish’.

When I try to delete those files with Filezilla for instance, I can remove them. In both filezilla and wappler I am connected as the same server username.

It probably has something to do with permissions, but I’m not sure what. Any ideas?

@George @Teodor is this a bug or did something else go wrong?

No you are not doing any wrong. Those are just informational messages, that you can some extra files on the remote that are not present locally.

Because we never delete files on the remote, during the synchronization, this messages just informs you about this.

If you are really sure you don’t need them, just expand the file manager so you also see the remote view and delete them manually, by selecting them remotely and choosing delete from context menu.

Is the remote file manager gone? I cannot find the button anymore

You have to turn off Experimental Features to get it back.

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In Wappler 5.2.4 you can publish your project with a single click to any remote target, applying automatically database changes and even commit and version to git. In the publish manager you can select to delete the remote files, not existing on the local target.

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