Formatting numbers in Charts


Is there a way to format the numbers in the Wappler charts, like for example set the number of decimals and/or putting in the comma separator for bigger numbers?

Thank you.

When you select your binding


and select your field

use the formatter


and select the format you want i.e. conversion => to fixed


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Hi Hyperbytes,

I tried the toFixed conversion but it is only for decimal places.
Is there a way to format the y axis instead (Data Set), to show decimals and commas?

numeric=> format number should do it

That was what I used before and it doesn’t work for me. The diagram won’t show, only the axes. Any other recommendations? Did you encounter a similar situation before?

Never tried that one, sorry but are there any errors showing in the developer console when using numeric => format, maybe a syntax error?

Nope. There are no errors. When I set the formatting and click on select, it immediately removed the diagram. Upon removing it, the diagram returns.


Then sorry, i have no other suggestions, the formatter should work, i have no idea why it isn’t, user error or bug based on the limited information available

Were you able to make it work before?

I may have a chance to look later but too busy at minute to give it a try at moment


I will try to change this topic’s category to bug.
I checked online and it looks like it is a limitation in chartjs (from what I read, this is what Wappler is using). Would there be any way to fix it in Wappler?

Well I am just hoping. If none, would there be any workarounds?

Thank you.

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Hello @George, @Teodor, how about this one? Can we format the numbers in the chart?